The Strata Management Act 2013 (Malay: Akta Pengurusan Strata 2013), is a Malaysian laws which enacted to provide for the proper maintenance and management of buildings and common property, and for related matters.


Management responsibilities

The developer is responsible to maintain and manage the building intended for strata title subdivisions during the first year after vacant possession (developer’s management period). Within that one year, the developer shall call for an Annual General Meeting of all proprietors, during which, the Joint Management Body (JMB) is formed. The JMB comprises the proprietors and the developer. The Committee members appointed by the proprietors during the General Meeting and the developer forms the Joint Management Committee (JMC). The JMC acts on behalf of the JMB who has the responsibility to maintain and manage the building pending the issuance of individual strata titles. After strata titles are issued by the Land Office, the developer is responsible to call for the first Annual General Meeting of the Management Corporation. The Corporation appoints its Committee members during the General Meeting known as the Management Committee (MC). The Management Corporation and the Management Committee do not include the developer.[4]


Strata Management Act 2013 [Act 757] – Download

Strata Management (Maintenance asiand Management) Regulations 2015 – Download

Strata Management (Strata Management Tribunal) Regulations 2015 – Download

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