List of Defaulters

Available at the Management Office

List of defaulters are now posted on the Notice Board of each block.



An appeal to all owners.

Operating and managing a building complex such as Bay View is complex enough if not daunting to the Property Management team, physically and mentally.

To make it even more cumbersome, lack or shortage of funds may well be the last straw that breaks the camel’s back.

The building administration and maintenance operation costs are purely funded by the Maintenance Fees from the parcel owners and it remains the mainstay of its financial health and stability.

The current financial status of Bay View is at bottom-line akin to  (from) hands-to-mouth situation of a man struggling to survive.

The Management appeal to all owners to be vigilant to stay current in their payments to ensure the smooth running of Bay View.

The Management also appeal to all those in arrears to come forward to settle their dues.

This appeal is a call to those with financial difficulties to contact the Management for discussions on ways and methods to go around to resolve the situation amicably.

Thank you for your anticipation.

Defaulters and/or Tenants will be barred from using the following in-house facilities:

  • Swimming Pool
  • Tennis Court
  • Children Playground
  • BBQ Pits
  • Car Parks (Vehicles will not be allowed to enter the complex)
  • Club House


Latest News

Owners pay up after raid

OWNERS of three units at Vista Hatamas in Cheras learned the hard way the danger of ignoring notices from the Joint Management Body (JMB) to pay up long-overdue maintenance fees.

The apartments were recently raided by the JMB with the assistance of the Kajang Municipal Council (MPKj) Commissioner of Buildings (COB) to recover more than RM22,000.

The raid, which allows the JMB to confiscate all moveable objects in the units, was carried out under Section 34(2) and 35, Strata Management Act 2013 (Act 757) following the owners’ failure to pay maintenance fees.

However, thanks to some last- minute negotiations, nothing was taken away after the owners paid up a total of RM5,926 and were given time to settle the balance.

Vista Hatamas JMB resident chairman R. Thinakaran said the operation was considered a success as the unit owners finally paid up, following the involvement of the COB, which issued a warrant for the raid.

“Some of these residents take this issue lightly as they are not aware of the consequences of non-payment, not only to them but also the community here in Vista Hatamas.

Thinakaran says the JMB has continuously reminded residents to pay their maintenance fees.

Thinakaran says the JMB has continuously reminded residents to pay their maintenance fees.

“These three units’ overdue maintenance fees ranged between RM5,000 and RM8,000, which means they have not made any payments in years or at all.”

Thinakaran said the monthly maintenance fee was currently RM150, adding that several other residents also had a poor record when it came to paying the maintenance fees.

Also present during the raid was MPKj COB director Shahril Omar, who said every resident should pay the maintenance fees as it was expensive to upkeep the facilities of the apartments.

“Hopefully, this will be an eye-opener for other residents.

“We have no intention of embarrassing them but we want them to be aware of their responsibilities,” he said.

Shahril added that the three apartment owners must settle their balance within 14 days.

“Failing to pay up as promised means they will face heavier penalties, including the possibility of their properties being sealed again but this time without further discussion,” Shahril said.

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