Statement Of Facts

Perbadanan Pengurusan Bay View Villas (PPBVV)

September 17, 2019

This Statement Of Facts is jointly issued by the Management Committee Members of The Management Corporation – Perbadanan Pengurusan Bay View Villas (PPBVV)


The Perbadanan Pengurusan Bay View is a statutory body, a corporation incorporated under the Malaysian Laws Act 757 – Strata Management Act 2013 (SMA2013).

PPBVV the very first formal full fledged Management Corporation of Bay View Villas in its 3 decades of existence, incorporated and registered as required under the SMA20013 at the February 2019 Annual General Meeting (AGM) held at Bay View Villas Port Dickson

The Council comprise of seven Committee Members elected during the AGM and held its first council meeting immediately after the AGM to appoint office bearers from amongst the newly elected Committee members

The Committee

  • Syed Muhamad Ghadaffi – Chairman
  • Jenny Chua – Secretary
  • Mohd Ghazali – Treasurer
  • Chan Kay Shern
  • Chong Y.P.
  • Chin Kah Pheng
  • Dr. Anita Christine Ramakrishnan

The brand new council started on a fresh footing to take on their new tasks without any reference, guidance, or know-how because there was no formal handing-over  from the predecessor Joint Management Board (JMB).

The big question then was, “How do we begin?” and “Where is the start point?”

The council knew then that they needed professional help and collectively decided to engage a Property Management company. ECS was selected through a quorum by the committee members on a advisory capacity on Property Management within the guidelines of SMA2013 in order to be in full compliance with the Local Authorities’ standards and requirements.

The Primary Tasks Of The Property Management Consultant

ECS, a property management company was engaged to conduct building condition assessment based on visual inspection, and audit the operations and accounting system.

  • Advisors to the Council
  • To ensure the operations of PPBVV is within the SMA
  • Fact finding exercise to assess all aspects of Bay View’s current situation and condition
  • Staff training
  • Create and institute a workable Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)
  • Create and install an effective Accounting System replacing the current outdated system.

Within a few weeks, ECS delivered the report of their findings to the council and among the key points on matters that needed attention and immediate action:

Key findings of the assessment:

  • The poor financial health of Bay View due to a high numbers of defaulters.
  • Commissioner of Building (COB) issues.
  • The fitness of the buidings.
  • Health and safety.
  • Security.
  • Machinery and mechanicals.
  • Gensets are not working.
  • Fire control panels are not working.
  • Lifts are operating without safety certificates (CF) issued from JKKP.
  • Staffing.
  • Review on going works.
  • Review current contractors and suppliers.

The ECS report gave a clear picture and direction for the Council to draw up a road map for their tasks and mission.

Tasks and Reports completed

  1. Building Hand Over Report.
  2. Building Inspection Reports:
    • a) Block A
    • b) Block B
    • c) Block C
    • d) Covered Car Park
  3. Demographics Analysis:
    • a) Country of origin
    • b) Location
    • c) Contacts
    • d) Address (unreachable Mails)
  4. Vacancy Analysis (Based on Visual Inspection)
  5. Units managed by Homestay Operator analysis
  6. Units without SAINS water meter analysis
  7. Suggestion and procedure on how to obtain Genset safety certification
  8. Suggestion and procedure on how to obtain Lift safety certification
  9. Suggestion and procedure on how to pass Building Audit by COB
  10. Suggestion and procedure on how to recover functionality of Fire Control Panel
  11. Defaulter Analysis
    • a. Amount (Approximate 8 Million Outstanding amount due)
    • b. Repayment Pattern
    • c. Abandoned/ Vacancy/ Occupied/ Homestay unit

The council began to work as a team, in a collective manner within the authority and jurisdiction empowered upon them as outlined and entrenched in the SMA, Article 59 Sub-sections 1 and 2.

In the seven months since its inception, PPBVV has made tremendous inroads and accomplised many tasks in putting things in order despite major constraints both in manpower and finance. This was achieved with the guidance and advice of ECS, without which it would have been unattainable.

Up To Date Major Work Accomplished

  • COB Building and Structural Fitness Certification (CF valid for 10 years). This is most crucial for Bay View to remain in existence and relevant as a valuable asset in the Real Estate property market.
  • Genset is fully in operation and certified by Suruhan Tanaga.
  • Lift structures repaired and lift safety certification obtained and issued by JKKP.
  • Fire Control Panel repaired, restored and in operation with Jabatan Bomba certification.
  • Debts Collection Plan from Defaulters
  • Instalment plan established.
  • Meeting with Homestay Operators.
  • Updating owners contact details with follow up calls.
  • Engaged a Building Manager (On Probation).
  • Engaged a Maintenance Executive (On Probation).
  • Proper SOP created and implemented.
  • Fully Informative Website with its own generic domain name.
  • Established a communication system with its own eMail.
  • Installed signboard.
  • Road Marking repainted (By In-house Technicians).
  • Repainting works at Playground, Garden & BBQ pit (By In-house Technicians).
  • Arrangement for application of SAINS water meters.


The list of defaulters is longer than the list of payers.

Based on ECS’s suggestions and findings from the Defaulter Analysis Report, PPBVV should focus and target on the easiest reachable group – total of 92 units actively operate Homestay business (accumulated approximately RM770k outstanding amount). Many of these Homestay units use the common facilities (lift, swimming pool, BBQ) at a very high frequency by their guests. The parcel owners of these units however, refuse to pay the mandatory maintenance fees. The RM770k outstanding due from Homestay units must and shall be collected so that more improvements could be done on the common facilities.


There are more things to be done and remedied, and the Council pledge to fulfill as much as it can in the remaining times of its one-term tenure (15 months) until the next AGM in 2020.

The biggest challenges for the council is not the tasks-at-hand itself, but the criticism hurled at the office bearers, which are baseless and out of ignorance lacking on facts and truths.

The Management Comittee is open and welcome any feedback and complaints in a formal manner and in the proper channel through eMails only.

The Management Committee will not engage in any form of communication outside the PPBVV communication system, nor on any social media platforms.

It is imperative that any given council, in any given property to have the trust and confidence of the people its working for, to work independently within the boundaries of a valid governing Act and come out responsible, and be accounted for by the end of its given working term.

The Committee Members are in service on a voluntary nature out of their individual private time on their own expenses.

The Council remains fully committed to fulfil its obligations and complete its remaining term, and thank all for their precious support.

Note: This Statement of Facts is posted on Bay View’s official website and a copy was sent to the Commissioner of Buildings (COB).